Black Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb




PLAYBULB Bluetooth smart color-changing LED light bulb

SMARTPHONE APP CONTROL: Wireless Control Your Smart Bulb’s ON/OFF, Brightness, color, color effects and timer configurations from your smartphone or tablet via FREE APP downloaded from iOS App Store Or Android Google Play. Group up to 5 Smart BULBs together to control color and color effects. Multi Groups can be created for infinite fun. Our EXCLUSIVE “SHAKE CONTROL” enable you shake phone to change colors.

16 MILLION COLORS and 4 EFFECTS: Change your smart bulb Up to 16,000,000 RGB colors. Pre-set 4 color effects: PULSING , RAINBOW, FADING, FLASHING set your Smart bulb in motion.

WAKE UP & SLEEP SETTING: Set a timer from PLAYBULB X APP to turn your BULB ON / OFF at preset time and color, eg. create Wake-up mode or Sleep mode to let your favorite color wake you up or put you to sleep, special for your kids.

GREAT QUALITY AND ENERGY SAVING: High quality aluminum alloy casing with great design and well performance of Heat reduction extents the product life. Its life time is up to 20,000 hours and its brightness is equal to a 40W traditional light bulb to save energy and to save money.

Light is one of the most important factors for setting the romantic mood. Smart BTL201 LED bulb makes you be the master of romance. Switch light brightness and color effects to fit any scene.

Every morning, the colorful light wakes you up at preset time as like as the sunshine outdoor! Every night, the soft light dims and then turn off to put you into sleep at preset time. Let you enjoy a cozy bedtime.

Relieve and relax yourself, protect your eyes when reading. Thoughtfulness also is romance.

Create cinema effect in proper light brightness and colors when watching film.

Design starry sky for her in house! Multiple light bulbs take with different scene effects.


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Bubble Ball Bulb



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